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Sellers: Should You Have A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Done?

Should You Have A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Done? Photo

Before listing a house for sale, I always advise my seller clients to have a pre-listing home inspection done.

In my experience it’s best for everyone involved (the sellers, the buyers, and the realtors) to know the condition of the home before an offer is presented.

Any reasonable buyer is going to make their offer conditional on having a home inspection anyway, so why not nip potential problems in the bud?

If we’re holding back offers on the property, then having a pre-listing home inspection is even more essential.

Sure, buyers who are planning on participating on offer night have the option of getting their own pre-offer home inspection done.

But not everyone is keen on spending $400-$500 and a few hours of their time on a property that they might not even end up getting (more on this in a future blog post).

I’ve seen plenty of buyers decide to “sit this one out” and not participate on offer night because there was no pre-listing home inspection available.

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Two $5 Million Dollar Listings… In One Day!

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Two $5 Million Dollar Listings... In One Day! Photo

Gotta love the photo I chose for this blog post. Two scantily clad ladies, an enormous electric guitar, cardboard flames and a glass box full of millions. Ah, Vegas in all its mundane glory…

How many $5 million dollar condos do you think sell in the city of Toronto in any given year? Ten? Twenty? I ran a search and found that a total of seven condos sold for $5 million or more last year on MLS.

Okay, how many $5 million dollar condos do you think pop up for sale on any given day?

Well, just last Thursday there were two. Both properties were posted on MLS within 1/2 hour of each other. Both listed at the exact same price (just over $5 million).

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Toronto Real Estate Market Report: January 2012 Statistics

Toronto Real Estate Market Report: January 2012 Statistics Photo

Following is TREB’s market report for January 2012:  Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 4,567 sales through the TorontoMLS® system in January 2012. This number was 8.8 per cent higher than the 4,199 sales reported in January 2011. Sales growth was strongest for low-rise home types in the regions surrounding the City of Toronto.

“A favourable affordability picture bolstered by very low posted fixed mortgage rates has kept home buyers confident in their ability to achieve the Canadian goal of home ownership,” said Toronto Real Estate Board President Richard Silver.

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