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Wooly Bully Offer!

Wooly Bully Offer! Photo

I’ll take “Before & After” for $800, Alex.

Answer:  Popular 1965 song about the way houses are now sold in the Toronto real estate market.

Question:  What is “Wooly Bully Offer!”

Bully offers have always been a part of the Toronto real estate market. Over the last year though, they’ve become much more commonplace than ever before.

They’ve became so prevalent in fact, that almost every listing with a scheduled offer-date now includes the following note, “The seller reserves the right to consider preemptive offers”.

(Yes, bully offers are now often being referred to as “preemptive offers”. Us realtors are capable of putting a positive spin on any negative, and we’re apparently trying to class-up the term a bit.)

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August 2015 Market Stats: Infographic & Report

August 2015 Market Stats: Infographic & Report Photo


Following is TREB’s market report for August 2015:

Toronto Real Estate Board President Mark McLean announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 7,998 residential transactions through the TREB MLS® System in August 2015.

This result represented a 5.7 per cent increase compared to 7,568 sales reported in August 2014.

On a GTA-wide basis, sales were up for all major home types.

The annual growth rate in new listings was greater than the annual growth rate in sales, but active listings at the end of August were still down compared to last year.

This suggests that sellers’ market conditions remained in place, especially where low-rise home types like singles, semis and townhouses were concerned.

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Your Realtor Is Full Of S**t!

Your Realtor Is Full Of S**t! Photo

With Labour Day behind us now, the fall real estate market has officially begun!

Just like last year, and the years before that, we’re going to see a ton of new listings hit the market this week. And inevitably, some of those listings are going to be overpriced.

There are a handful of reasons why a seller chooses to overprice their home. In this post I want to focus on just one of those reasons: The listing agent lied to the sellers about the true market value of the property.

The Sunshine Approach

The manager at the brokerage where I started my real estate career referred to this as “The Sunshine Approach”; the idea being that the listing agent is “blowing sunshine” up the seller’s arse by deliberately overvaluing the home in order to get the listing.

I see it happen all the time. A seller interviews two or three realtors, and ultimately chooses the one who suggests the highest list price. The seller gets stars in their eyes, and is fooled into thinking that the ridiculous list price is actually achievable.

The listing agent’s plan is simple: continually work on the seller for price reductions until the home finally sells (almost always for less than market value).

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