Do You Think I Could Fit A Turkey In There?

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Back in 2012, I wrote about the frustrating fact that builders were making kitchens smaller and less functional than they’d been in the past (read that blog post here). I noted the lack of counter & cupboard space, and I illustrated the difficulty of trying to place a dining room table in a layout where there simply wasn’t enough room for one.

Here we are, four years later, and the trend is still going strong! Prep space and storage are still tight, and European-sized appliances have become the norm.

This becomes quite an issue when I’m working with a buyer who tells me they want to be in a new condo and have a “chef’s kitchen” with all the bells-and-whistles.

Unfortunately, these two features rarely go hand-in-hand. Not unless you’re spending the big bucks!

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Would You Pay $1 Million Dollars For A Home… With No Parking?

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Would You Pay $1 Million Dollars For A Home... With No Parking? Photo

“For a million bucks, we want a parking spot.”

Those were the exact words my clients used.

Let’s back up…

Last year I was working with some buyers who were looking to purchase a home in the Bloor West/High Park area.

A few weeks into our search a gorgeous house popped-up for sale.

It seemed to have everything these guys were looking for; it was fully detached, located on a great street, had a finished basement with remarkably high ceilings, an impressive master suite, a huge backyard…

It was missing one VERY important feature though… parking!

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WTF? $20,000 For A Locker!

WTF? $20,000 For A Locker! Photo

Depending on the building’s location, a condo locker typically sells for $3,500 – $5,000 on the resale market.

A locker might fetch more if it’s unique in some way.

Maybe it’s larger than average.

Or maybe it’s actually a separate room, thereby offering the owner more space and added privacy.

Most lockers aren’t separate rooms though.

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Parking (Part III): “What Are The Different Types?”

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What Are The Different Types Of Parking? Photo

     In part one of this series on parking I addressed the question, “What’s it worth?”  In part two, I addressed the question, “Should I purchase a property that doesn’t have parking?”  In this third part, I’d like to identify some of the different types of parking.

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Parking (Part II): “Should I Purchase A Property That Doesn’t Have It?”

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Should I Purchase A Property That Doesn't Have Parking? Photo

     The simple answer is…  No, not if you have the option of purchasing a property that does have parking.  Of course not everyone is going to have this option and as such purchasing without parking may be the only way to go. 

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Parking (Part I): “What’s It Worth?”

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Parking: What's It Worth? Photo

     Anyone with a car in this great city of ours knows that having a convenient, reliable space to park it is a coveted commodity.  If you live in a house, then private driveway or garage parking is king.  Mutual drive (if it’s wide enough) and rear/front pad parking follow, with street permit parking rounding out the most common options. 

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